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  1. How would you rate your self-esteem on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest?
    1. Very low 1-4
    2. Average 5-7
    3. High 8-10


  2. Are you passionate about the work you are currently employed in?
    1. Most of the time
    2. Some of the time
    3. Not at all


  3. Are you using your natural talents and abilities at your work place?
    1. Most of the time
    2. Some of the time
    3. Not at all


  4. Do you take the time to re-evaluate your progress, goals, dreams?
    1. Most of the time
    2. Some of the time
    3. Not really


  5. When there is a problem to solve at work you...
    1. Let the boss or manager handle it
    2. Seek solutions until you find them.
    3. Don't do anything


  6. In a negative situation you respond by:
    1. Maintaining a positive attitude
    2. Letting the situation get you down
    3. Ignore it


  7. Do you believe you deserve success and prosperity?
    1. Most of the time
    2. Some of the time
    3. No, not really


  8. Would you say that you focus more on positive solutions rather than negative results?
    1. Most of the time
    2. Sometimes
    3. Never


  9. Would you say you are a "goal oriented" person?
    1. Most of the time
    2. Some of the time
    3. None of the time


  10. Most successful people have achieved their greatness by....
    1. Hanging out with the right people
    2. Luck, being in the right place at the right time
    3. Choosing to be successful


  11. How well do you adapt to "change"?
    1. I hate change
    2. I'm indecisive therefore always changing
    3. I'm pretty flexible


  12. What stops you from being more successful right now?
    1. My Boss, he doesn't appreciate me
    2. Myself, I'm a procrastinator
    3. My friends and/or family interfere


  13. How do you envision your future for success?
    1. I don't have a vision yet
    2. I think I am already successful
    3. I know I have greater potential


  14. Whenever making a major decision about my future I...
    1. Consult with friends and family
    2. Avoid making major decisions
    3. Seek the help of God, prayer and my inner voice


  15. How do you handle failure?
    1. I feel paralyzed, unmotivated
    2. I learn from it and move on
    3. I try not to fail


  16. In order to stay focused on our goals we must:
    1. Define and organize them
    2. Hire help and delegate
    3. Follow through with action - less thought


  17. If you are in a job of which you find yourself feeling unproductive or stuck, you respond by:
    1. I stick it out and wait to see what happens
    2. I look for opportunities to get unstuck
    3. I don't do anything as long as it pays the bills


  18. On a daily basis, my energy level is:
    1. Run down, tired most of the time
    2. It varies from high to low
    3. I'm able to maintain balance


  19. Are you happy/content in your working environment?
    1. Most of the time
    2. Some of the time
    3. Not at all


  20. What thoughts race through your mind throughout the day?
    1. My thoughts race with lots of mind traffic- I am confused
    2. I don't really think about it, I just do what needs to get done
    3. My thoughts are usually focused on my goals


  21. If someone significant said something that hurts your feelings, how would you respond?
    1. I feel bad for a while and wonder why this happened
    2. I become defensive and think of a subtle revenge
    3. I try to resolve the problem quickly and then move on


  22. How would you describe a good "Business Manager?"
    1. One who works well with people of all cultures
    2. One who labors less but manages to produce more
    3. One who is dependable, responsible and works hard


  23. What is the purpose behind a successful Business?
    1. The purpose is to make money and be your own Boss
    2. The purpose is to sell a product or service that people need
    3. The purpose is to buy low wholesale and double the retail


  24. How important is it to define the "speciality" of a business?
    1. Very important
    2. Somewhat important
    3. Not important


  25. How important is a "Mission Statement" for a business?
    1. Very important
    2. Somewhat important
    3. Not important


  26. How would you define "prosperity?"
    1. Successful and rich!
    2. Making enough money to meet all my expenses
    3. A feeling of satisfaction and contentment

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