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Create Automatic Income That Sustains You

Julie O'Mara is a very accomplished trainer and consultant. She is a well-recognized name in the training world. At the time she was introduced to the Carlson, now Inscape Publishing, opportunity, she was especially interested because she wanted to stabilize her business. She also wanted to create the time to have more children. She saw Inscape as a way to help her accomplish both of these goals. 

The nature of the training industry is when you are training, you are not marketing and when you are marketing you are not training so it has a cyclical impact on your business. The way to avoid the cyclic aspects of any business is to create automatic income that sustains you so you can be free to do what you need to do when you want to do it. 

The answer to that for Julie was to build an organization of associates through the Inscape Network Marketing System. That decision to act on that opportunity has provided income for her to pay the salary of a full-time staff member plus additional income. 

As Julie puts it, she has through her Inscape affiliation met a lot of fascinating people, learned a lot about doing the business from them as well as sharing many ideas with them. She has learned the value of networking in this business. 

Interesting point-the child who was born at the time she began with Carlson Learning Company, now Inscape Publishing, is her partner in her business today. 

If diversity is important to you, Julie has co-authored a bestseller book called MANAGING WORKFORCE 2000/Gaining the Diversity Advantage and authored DIVERISTY ACTIVITIES AND TRAINING DESIGNS  

Julie O'Mara
President of O'Mara and Associates
Former National President of ASTD
American Society for Training and Development
Teaches for University of CA Extension/Berkeley And John F. Kennedy University

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