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It is a Family Business

One of Nido's contacts was a husband and wife team who were transitioning from 25 years in the ministry of the church. They wanted to put their contributions and talents into the development of people. They created a company called Awareness and Development. Through their company, they have helped thousands of people become more self-aware and create more results for themselves.

Judith and Marvin Crowson are excellent trainers, consultants and coaches to corporate America and many other fine organizations. Besides her own business, Judith was chosen to become one of the eight Master Trainers for Carlson Learning Company, now Inscape Publishing, and train other trainers in the field.

As a result of their work in the company, they have managed to help put two children through college one of which is a missionary with his wife in the depths of West Africa. The other is a daughter who now has a newborn and is working in the business as an independent.

Both of their children have learned the marketing and training skills that their parents have taught them and have already shown great capabilities in this business. It is a family business. That is really a wonderful thing.

Judith and Marvin Crowson
President & CEO of Awareness and Development
Judith was Mentor of the Year 1993 for Carlson
Memphis, TN

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