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Serve Your Clients and Build Your Business

Jean McLaughlin was a very successful Vice President of Marketing of a major Sales Educational Organization making a significant annual income. Years ago, she went through a training and connected with the four-factor model in behavior styles and was impressed with the information. She felt the product was way over-priced so when she was introduced to the Carlson Products now Inscape Publishing, it was like a dream come true. 

In her Inscape affiliation, she saw very quickly how she could integrate the Inscape Products to serve her clients and build her business. She has utilized the four-factor model and many other products available to her to incorporate in her company. She has a passion for these products for not only what they do for her in building a successful company, but she is the first to tell you that the DiSC Model has saved her marriage as well. She shares the fact that she and her husband are so different and couldn't figure out how to communicate effectively. 

After learning the DiSC Model so well, she and her husband were able to learn the DiSC Behavioral model so they could adapt the information and modify their communications with each other. The result-two terrific people were able to optimize their communications to recreate a great relationship. 

Jean has a lot of fun sharing her story in her training so many other people can benefit in the same way she did. It makes the information really come alive. 

Jean McLaughlin
President of Jean McLaughlin & Associates
Master Trainer, Carlson Learning Company

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