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The Residual Income is Still Coming In

They built a very successful business in the training and consulting industry. Instead of just building a business, Georgiana and Richard Stull built equity in their business. When Richard passed away, Georgiana has been able to share the Inscape part of their business with her son. Now, he is her partner and will continue to benefit from all that she and Richard have created. The residual income is still coming in from their efforts of many years ago. 

The income has been like an insurance policy for both Georgiana and her son. Many businesses do not provide a strong income after one of the partners is gone. In the case of Inscape Publishing, it does. 

Richard's son also uses the products in the Humboldt State University System in Arcata, CA. The students love the information. Again, the information is so powerful to help people that it continues to rub off onto other family members. 

Georgiana Stull
LasVegas, NV
Successful Home-based Business Woman

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