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Q. How can an affiliation with Inscape Publishing benefit me?

A. That depends on your focus in the business. We have a wide variety of applications that are VERY flexible to your specific needs.


Q. How can an affiliation with Inscape Publishing benefit my primary focus in my business?

A. Inscape Publishing provides self-assessment tools, facilitator's kits, manuals, workbooks, and other training materials to support your focus. You can customize training applications according to your client needs.

Example Focus: Customer Service--Customer Service Action Planner and Professional Service Works! are available.

Another Focus: Understanding your worker's unspoken, unrecognized expectations in the workplace that often causes job frustration, substandard performance, decreased job commitment and high turnover.

The Managing Work Expectations Transforming Attitudes Profile provides a tool for employers and employees to establish a process for identifying and managing work expectations.


Q. I don't have time to take on anything new.

A. I certainly understand. Accessing this information will save you time. It will support those things in your business that are most important for you to accomplish. It is not just about doing something new. It is about supporting your already existing business.

You can take advantage of an affiliation with professionals of various expertise who will support your efforts. There is a listserve that will provide key answers to questions about your business that you post. It is an advantage to have such a good support system.

There are no expectations put on you to sell or market anything. You can access this information by your affiliation with Inscape Publishing and market at your own pace based on your own focus and client needs.

This isn't a business you learn in five minutes. I would recommend you go through the Distributor Orientation Training as soon as possible so you can quickstart the learning process.

Then, when a client expresses a need that these materials can support, you'll be ready. This kind of training happens one layer at a time. You continue to build on your expertise one step at a time.


Q. You mention products. What kind of products do you have available?

A. We have training materials in the form of self-assessment tools. We have manuals complete with camera-ready artwork for over-head transparencies and Power Point Presentations. We also have participant materials that can be reproduced as many times as you need.

If you would like to see the product line, visit http://www.resultsinfo.com. Click on the Inscape Publishing  Store and it will take you to the entire product line which will help you in your decision about an affiliation with this company.


Q. I have such a strong identity in the marketplace with my own uniqueness. Why would I want to become an Inscape Distributor?

A. The primary reason is because you can access leading-edge information from Inscape Publishing to add to your own expertise. So, if you did nothing with the opportunity except to have an ongoing research source at your fingertips, its worth it. Secondly, you don't lose any identity with the affiliation. The self-assessment tools are so adaptable, they will fit into any customized programs that you create expressing your own uniqueness in the marketplace.


Q. I still don't understand what Inscape Publishing is all about.

A. That's all right. I've been with them for over 23 years and I'm still finding new ways to enhance my business using their materials and accessing their leading edge information.

There is so much diversity, it is difficult sometimes to really define it. Inscape Publishing is a publisher and provider of training materials and assessment tools to support the efforts of trainers, consultants, coaches, counselors, as well as many other professionals.


Q. How do you get paid if you are not working?

A. Most say, "I don't." An affiliation with Inscape Publishing can help you establish automatic income by building a retail client base that does their own training but buys training materials from you. It is an intelligent way to get paid whether you are working or not. I personally like that arrangement.

This is a cyclical business. When you are training, you may not be developing new clients. When you are marketing, you are not getting paid for training or delivering the application. Sometimes, you can only do one thing at a time. When you build a successful retail team of clients, you have a stabilizer because you are generating revenue when you are not training.

When you are in training, marketing and building a retail clientele, you have a circular business. Each activity supports the other activities. You are in a better position to do what you want to do, rather than what you have to do.


We define our life by the choices we make. We define our business by the choices we make. I invite you to join the Learning Network that will support you and your business in ways that will positively affect your net bottom line.


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