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A Mom, College and three kids....

This business has allowed me to take all of my life experiences and turn them into something that I love doing. I have gained the confidence to begin my own business and to watch it grow into a National Training Company.

I am able to continue to pursue many personal interests while earning enough money to  keep three children in college! That means I'm a better "me"  while helping my kids become everything they can be.

Through  my study of the Carlson products, now Inscape Publishing, it has helped me to improve  my relationships with the people in my personal and professional life, including my kids. I chose to use Inscape Publishing products in my business because I believe in helping people identify their strengths and to help them build upon those strengths in  their relationship with other people.

With the series of  instrumented profiles that Inscape has published, I am able  to accomplish just that! I have access to attractive, well  researched, and well tested materials. I can build a training program for each client that reflects my personal style and  to meet the needs of each client. The timely topics of the  materials offers  the Inscape opportunity to introduce additional research and  resources to reinforce the concepts that the Inscape products contain.

Being affiliated with Inscape has allowed me the opportunity to meet and network with many wonderful people who are not only my collegues but my friends. Inscape has given me the support and information I need to grow my business in a way that is best for me. I enjoy serving the needs of my clients and working with new distributors to help them launch their new businesses.


Anna Weselak
President of Weselak & Associates
Lombard, IL
Past President of the Illinois PTA
Board member of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Chicago Area
Chapter Member of the National Association of Parliamentarians


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