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August 15, 2000 
Sandy Karn
Creative Results Sources, Inc.
P. 0. Box 405
Wheaton, IL 60189


What an awesome program you delivered on "Making Connections: Taking your Success to Significance"!

Your presentation was enthusiastic, personable, and engaging. I appreciate how you involved the audience in meaningful exercises that were fun and practical for everyone in attendance. I especially liked your warm style and contagious energy. You kept us on the edge of our seats, anxious to learn each new concept.

You are obviously a professional, who walks her talk. I believe the content of your step-by-step program covers essential skills that any professional should develop, in order to build a strong entrepreneurial foundation and move their business to significance. I have implemented several of your business and success concepts, which have helped me build a strong foundation, and develop a plan to move toward significance.

The email coaching questions that you send weeks in advance are particularly helpful in preparing participants for the necessary "pre-work", before attending your high-content session. This coaching by email is a great idea, and was very useful in my preparation for your session.

Thank you for a fantastic presentation, which I highly recommend to other professionals, who want to take their business from "success to significance". They need to hear your message. They need to hear Sandy Karn!

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