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Hi, I'm Sandy Karn.  You have found a site that helps people of many different walks of life--it helps single moms be independent, self-efficient and stay-at home moms. It gives attorneys more resources for clients.  It helps his/her clients understand themselves and communicate better with their families and their business associates.

Home/school association leaders have optimized their impact with our affiliation. They were able to help many people improve their relationships.  Very successful trainers, consultants and coaches have created automatic income to sustain them so they could have more children and could spend more time with their families.

Retired ministers, transition executives and other professionals have integrated our products and services to build wider based businesses as individual entrepreneurs or family-owned businesses.

One of the unique factors in this organization is to build equity rather than just a business.  That equity has sustained spouse survivors as well as pass businesses onto their children. The opportunity here is to build something beyond oneself that sustains other family members long after someone has passed away that continues to generate a significant income. It is all about creating a living legacy.

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